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Post-Acute Care

On-site dialysis for your post-acute facility is now within reach.

The biggest reason most facilities don’t already provide on-site dialysis is because they simply don’t know they can. Who will take care of equipment and maintenance? Who will coordinate staffing? What about administration, policy, regulatory compliance, supplies and inventory — all of it?

Rendevor Dialysis’ on-site dialysis programs address the specific challenges faced by Skilled Nursing Facilities and other Post-Acute care facilities that inevitably arise when dealing with off-site dialysis providers including:


    Transport logistics is a daily burden for staff and patients.

    Off-site dialysis 3-5X week forces ill patients to face even more hardship.

    A lack of resources/expertise to start an on-site program.

    Facilities need to find new ways to increase revenue and marketability.

    Inability to find partners who will bring high-quality dialysis services on-site.

    Unsustainably high pricing and unpredictable rate hikes.

Partnering with Rendevor

Rendevor Dialysis brings the delivery of high-quality, turnkey dialysis services to post-acute residents right in the comfort of their (temporary) home. Now, instead of putting your patients through the daily discomfort of off-site transport and the considerable pain and risk that comes with it, you’re simply bringing them down the hall!

We assist Skilled Nursing Facilities in creating the physical space necessary to house their treatment room, and then partner with SNFs end-to-end to ensure they have everything necessary to a thriving dialysis program — from discovery, unit planning/design, program implementation, on-going program management and maintenance, continuous quality improvement, and more.

With Rendevor, it’s a seamless operation — our clinical staff working with yours as one, under a Care Coordination Agreement, for the benefit of everyone.


  • Transportation of patients with age-related or other health complications adds substantial cost, risk, and discomfort to already burdened operations and staff. Bringing dialysis on-site mitigates:

    • Logistical complications of arranging travel to-and-from treatments 3-5x a week.
    • Pulling patients away from other needed treatments and therapies.
    • Patient exhaustion, wait times, and discomfort.
    • Uncertain care provided by inconsistent staff.
    • Medical complications that arise off-site often end up in the ER.
  • Our solutions provide a much-needed financial boost for post-acute care facilities needing to generate new revenue, while offering an attractive marketing advantage to prospects versus other competing facilities in the area.

    On-site hemodialysis services would allow facilities to:

    • Accept a new cohort of higher acuity patients.
    • Receive higher reimbursements from government and/or private insurance.
    • Expand treatments to address comorbidities of dialysis patients.
    • Accept dialysis patients from ER or ICUs who currently occupy beds.
  • Other dialysis providers tend to adhere to one treatment frequency. We assess the needs of each SNF partner’s facility and residents to determine and recommend a treatment frequency that will optimize program sustainability and patient outcomes. Whether we provide a 3-day per week or 5-day per week treatment model, Rendevor’s strength is in ensuring it’s the right model for your facility and your residents.

  • It is incredibly difficult to find companies willing to bring dialysis services on-site. Our partners benefit from a flexible pricing model and economies of scale for patient census and treatment volume increases. This creates cost sustainability that is crucial to any plan for long term success and mitigates common pain points associated with outside providers:

    • Inflexible pricing structures that start high and stay high.
    • Pricing plans that don’t improve with the scale of the patient population.
    • Artificially low price points from that can’t be sustained.
    • Unpredictable rate hikes.
    • Poor service, consistency, reliability, and operational frustrations.

Bring Dialysis In-House. In Home.

Program Overview: Solutions for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Rendevor Dialysis offers SNFs a ready-to-implement turnkey solution, with unlimited customizations available as needed.

Detailed features table
Essential Care
Collaborative Care
Service Provided
Biomedical Operations Partnership Biomedical & Clinical Operations Partnership Fully staffed, supplied & supported
Procurement of Biomedical Equipment & Supplies *
Provision & Inventory Management of Clinical Supplies *
Maintenance & Repair of Biomedical Equipment
Inventory Management of Biomedical Supplies
Provisions & Support for Biomedical Operations Policies & Procedures
Biomedical Operations Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement Support
Provisions and Support for Clinical Operations Policies & Procedures
Clinical Operations Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement Support
Auditing of Clinical Operations with Corrective Action Plans
Access to an Acute Dialysis Expert
Provisions of Self-Directed Dialysis Training Modules for Clinical Staff
Consult on Staffing Model, Job Posting, Skills Validation & Interviewing
Consult on Multi-Treatment Room Build-out
Full Program Staffing
Delivery of Actual Dialysis Treatments*

*Not required as part of the Essential or Collaborative Care Service Offerings

Additional Service Add-ons
– Full-service recruiting of clinical dialysis staff
– Dialysis unit design & project management

Tell us about your dialysis challenges. A custom solution is a short conversation away.