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A revolution for under-serviced hospitals, long overdue: a dialysis provider that offers scalable service options so hospitals can choose the level of support that’s right for them.

Many hospitals are either frustrated by the broken model of outsourced dialysis, overwhelmed by their in-house program, or daunted by the capital and compliance required to start and maintain a program.

We meet you where you are. Rendevor Dialysis offers a comprehensive suite of dialysis solutions for hospitals navigating the costs and complexities of an on-site program. By leveraging our selection of services, your hospital can maintain an on-site dialysis program at the price point and level of independence that serves it best.

We continually evolve our service offerings to fit your facility, rather than asking your facility to fit into a prescribed program.

dialysis patient

What your hospital can expect by leveraging our Collaborative Care model:

    • Reduce program costs by 15-20%
    • Increase revenue potential by expanding service offerings
    • Equip new treatment dens or replace aging fleet with no capital outlay; future proofing your fleet
    • Add/offer new modalities in your community
    • Increase treatment volumes
    • Mitigate concerns about compliance and exposure to audits with our hands-on quality oversight experts
    • Training on any equipment we deploy at your facility
    • Unrestricted access to our in-house, local and nationwide network of biomedical technicians for rapid deployment of equipment maintenance, repairs and supplies.

Collaborative Care

Regain control with a shared staffing model tailored just for you.

Rendevor Dialysis’ Hybrid Collaborative Care Model is a revolutionary shared-staffing model that brings sustainable and compliant dialysis programs to hospitals of any size to successfully transition to, or initiate, an in-house program.

How It Works

This hybrid model removes the most expensive, unrecovered cost of any outsourced dialysis program; 24/7 on-call labor coverage priced at a premium.

Hospitals use their own caring, clinical staff to administer dialysis which increases reliability,
consistency and improves patient outcomes.

• Hospitals gain freedom and control to cost-effectively manage volatile treatment volumes and unpredictable treatment times with their own staffing plans.

• Rendevor provides everything a hospital’s clinical team needs to run treatments, from equipment and supplies to quality oversight. We build and maintain your program’s infrastructure so your team can focus on what they do
best – patient care.

• For facilities that aren’t quite ready to embark upon an insourced dialysis program, we can provide a traditional turnkey dialysis solution. However, we always recommend our partners work with us to transition to the more efficient collaborative care model if/when they feel ready.

Our partners have a level of choice and control previously unheard of in the industry.

• A dialysis solution for any need: turnkey services, staff-assisted hybrid services, biomedical-only services, treatment room planning and design services, program insourcing assistance, program quality/compliance oversight, and more.

• Use your own dialysis equipment or rent from us to avoid substantial capital expenditures.

• Use your own dialysis supplies or benefit from the economies of scale of our national supply chain.

• Utilize our proprietary policies and procedures or leverage our experts to help you craft your own as needed for your facility.

• Hospitals with internally operated dialysis programs can utilize our biomedical-only services to enhance their operations and reduce headaches.

Detailed features table
Essential Care
Collaborative Care
Service Provided
Biomedical Operations Partnership Biomedical & Clinical Operations Partnership Fully staffed, supplied & supported
Procurement of Biomedical Equipment & Supplies *
Provision & Inventory Management of Clinical Supplies *
Maintenance & Repair of Biomedical Equipment
Inventory Management of Biomedical Supplies
Provisions & Support for Biomedical Operations Policies & Procedures
Biomedical Operations Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement Support
Provisions and Support for Clinical Operations Policies & Procedures
Clinical Operations Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement Support
Auditing of Clinical Operations with Corrective Action Plans
Access to an Acute Dialysis Expert
Provisions of Self-Directed Dialysis Training Modules for Clinical Staff
Consult on Staffing Model, Job Posting, Skills Validation & Interviewing
Consult on Multi-Treatment Room Build-out
Full Program Staffing
Delivery of Actual Dialysis Treatments*

*Not required as part of the Essential or Collaborative Care Service Offerings

Additional Service Add-ons
– Full-service recruiting of clinical dialysis staff
– Dialysis unit design & project management

These are the privileges of a true partnership.

With Rendevor Dialysis, concerns about the sustainability of your hospital’s current or planned dialysis program are a thing of the past.