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Equipment Updates & Upgrades Across the Rendevor Footprint

In another visible sign of changes that sprung from our 2023 restructuring, Rendevor Dialysis is completing the second phase of key equipment updates and upgrades across our service footprint. These updates are in addition to any new equipment purchased as a result of new contracts and services.

“This program was driven by our commitment to deepening and expanding our Biomedical Services department and recognizing the value of maximizing the quality of equipment placed with our client partners,” said Jason Combs, Chief Executive Officer.

Now in its second year, the equipment retirement program aims to settle into a pace of replacing equipment that performs in the bottom 15 – 20% of Rendevor’s equipment fleet annually. Overall investment thus far is well into seven figures.

Combs cited three primary drivers for this replacement program:

  1. Empowering our internal teams with reliable equipment.
  2. Illustrating Rendevor’s commitment to optimizing outcomes and operating efficiencies.
  3. Demonstrating that our reorganization and re-brand is more than skin deep.

“We believe that we are already well on our way to accomplishing these goals and are excited for what this initiative will bring to our patients, our clients, and the organization as a whole,” Combs said.

The program started with nine facilities in 2023 and expanded to 12 this year.  Utilizing data from biomedical equipment tracking software alongside direct feedback from our operating teams, we have been able to pinpoint the dialysis machines and ROs that are in the greatest need of replacement.

As Rendevor builds on its 30-year commitment to bring high-quality, on-site dialysis services to underserviced healthcare facilities in need, this type of investment demonstrates the leadership’s commitment to quality and excellence.